Class Policy

Classroom Expectations
The Folktale

Popo and Icky
King Arthur
How the Snake Got Its Poison
The People Could Fly
Yeh Shen
The Algonquin Cinderella
The Lion and the Statue
The Lion and the Mouse
The Country Mouse and the City Mouse
The Short Story

Literary Terms
After Twenty Years
Papa's Parrot
Lather and Nothing Else
A Day's Wait
The Cat Who Thought She Was a Dog
What Matters

The Exhibit
The Sun on this Rubble
When Death Comes
Mother to Son
The Courage That My Mother Had
The Third Wish
Self Discovery

I, Too
I'm Nobody
Song of Myself
Still I Rise
Seventh Grade
Two Kinds
Reading Unit

Reading Journal
Reading Journal Format
Reading Journal Format Example

Rome Packet
Geography Picture Dictionary